Fun Activities While Stuck at Home in Quarantine due to Coronavirus

How is it possible to get closer to others while keeping your social distance? What fun activities can you do while stuck at home, in quarantine due to Coronavirus (Covid-19). Whether you are alone or with others, here’s a fun activity you can enjoy to get to know them more deeply:

A new web app called is where you can briefly and safely play a role in a lighthearted, thought-provoking scene. It’s a little intellectual entertainment that turns a few minutes into a shared experience.

The two participants can be anywhere – your partner can be a socially safe distance away in the same room or virtually anywhere in the world via an Audio or Video App. One person gets a Playbook at and then shares with their partner for free. It’s some good, clean fun. After a few minutes of this shared experience,  the real you will have something new to talk about.

Plays2Play are great for anyone, from the outgoing, to the socially awkward and everywhere in between! This web app is a great activity for any two people: your significant other, reading-age child, friend, relative etc. When you purchase a playbook you will receive 2 plays (each about 4 pages) with dialogue. The two stories are yours to keep, to use at your leisure. Being in play is fun and gives you a chance to try on a new perspective.