Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

WHO WE ARE: is a web site that can provide you with the fun activity of acting out a 2-person play with someone else. Whether on a date, get together or just hanging out, you will get to know one another better. First, each participant will play-act the role of one of the characters. This can be done at a suggested location or anywhere you choose, including in the comfort of your own living room. Then you can follow suggestions for further enjoyment, such as re-enacting again with a twist, or answering the questions out of character.  It’s a good time for everyone. Immersing yourselves in a short play creates a memory and provides various jumping-off points for you to have something new to talk about.




and why we collect it.  We retain your name, your email address, your user name, whether you selected that you are over or under 18, which state you live in, which plays you purchased, when you made your purchase, how much you paid for your purchase and your encrypted password to log on to the web page.  You are required to answer these questions truthfully. We retain this information so we can better serve you with access to your purchase, to help you appropriately share your purchase, to making sure you are old enough to purchase, and for sales tax purposes.


and other information provided by you or other users via the site, by email or any other form of communication sent to may be collected and shown on the site. For example, if you share an experience of performing a play, we reserve the right to share this experience for marketing purposes. The website software may also retain a user’s IP address to help avoid spam.


other than to provide this service, complete purchases, understand user behavior and run the website and our company. We may reach out to you if there is content we believe you might find of interest. We do not retain any personal information regarding your financial information. Instead your payment is strictly between you and PAYPAL. PAYPAL will take your payment and inform us that you’ve paid to gain access to your purchase(s). COOKIES MAY BE USED for your convenience, to avoid filling in your details more than once.


, the site contains plays that you are given access to but you do not own the copyright. You are allowed to access your plays after purchasing, and you can share a specific play with a specific person in accordance with the terms and conditions of this site. You have the option to download the plays as soon as you purchase them and this is required to ensure you never lose access to your purchase. Through it is not our intention, there always exists a possibility for this website to become unavailable. Refunds are not available for any reason so be sure to keep securely your own plays.  For a specific reason, content of a play may be altered. Your downloading of a play to keep a local copy also ensures you retain the original version of the play you purchased.  You may of course log on to the site when available to download a play. Users who did not purchase a play but are given shared access can only see the play for a specific amount of time but you can always share the play again for future use. You are not permitted to post the link to the play on a website for groups to access – only to share with a specific person. Shared  links are traceable to the user and access will be denied to anyone who abuses the sharing ability. Likewise, for any reason deemed appropriate by the owners or Admins of, your access to the site can be revoked.


can change at any time, and continued use of the site signifies your agreement. This privacy policy does not offer you or any other users with any protections. If any one part of this policy or our terms is not valid, it does not invalidate any other part of this policy.