A fun activity to get to know someone.

Briefly take a role in a 2-person play, and then share what you would really want to say.

Want to try a new direction on a date or enjoy a new experience with a friend? Here’s some good, clean fun. Immerse yourselves in a short play and get to know one another in a whole new way. A few minutes later the real you will have something new to talk about. 


Plays are great for anyone, from the outgoing, to the socially awkward and everywhere in between! Take the edge off by playing a role in a lighthearted, thought-provoking scene. Which of these describes your situation:

  • Heading into a blind date and looking for an ice breaker
  • Enjoying a blooming romance and want to know each other better
  • Married forever and looking for a new type of activity
  • A couple of friends hanging out and ready for something new
Briefly and safely step into another character for a short time, and see how it creates a new intellectual spark! After all is said and done, you may find a new side to yourself.


When you purchase a playbook you will receive 2 plays (each about 4 pages) with dialogue. Each Play includes a suggested meet-up location, an interesting interaction and in the end, a shared experience to open up areas for conversation. Once the play ends, you leave your “characters” and continue the conversation as yourselves, getting to know each other, maybe
comparing yourself to the character and appreciating each other for who they really are.


Make the experience your own. Though a suggested type of location is provided, you can find the perfect venue or simply read the lines in the living room.


The two stories are yours to keep, to use at your leisure.


Being in play is fun and gives you a chance to try on a new perspective:

  • You’re looking for something different to do on a date
  • Your headed on a blind date and need a good icebreaker
  • You’re a married couple looking to re-energize conversation
  • You’re in a long distance relationship seeking new video chat content
  • You need a break from talking about the Kardashians and Politics

What others say about their “play date”

By Vanessa & Ryan​ on November 15th, 2018

“The Experience was unique, fun and adventurous. A good ‘appetizer’ before a movie night.”