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Read short 2-person plays, great for a date or hanging out with a friend: 

Are you looking for a fun dating activity or something fun to do when hanging out with a friend? You’re in the right place because offers you a great date activity or intellectual entertainment that will turn a few minutes into a enjoyable shared experience.

  • Simply pick a playbook of 2 short plays, yours to view or download. 
  • Then invite someone to read a play (you can even share by text or email) and pick a location. 
  • After the 4-page play, there are suggestions for additional enjoyment and questions to get to know one another.

plays2play: Get a Better Read on Someone.


Don’t break the bank, break the ice. Find a partner and act out a short play together. is a way to get to know one another in a whole new way. A play is a buck (2 for $1.99). Plays are fun to read, give you a chance to be a character for a short time and then offer interesting questions to create a deeper relationship.  A play will revitalizes the repetitive restaurant experiences with a new kind of appetizer. It’s a great way to kick off spending time together. And use the contact us link to let us know about your experience please.  

We would appreciate if you would take the time to tell a friend or post on social media so that others can enjoy as well. Thank you for visiting our website as we want you to enjoy a playbook!

Thank you!

Read a play on a date