Enjoy a New Activity to Create a Meaningful Connection

We live in a shallow, superficial time, where people say “how are you doing” and hope to hear only a word or two “I’m good” or “great”! What connects us more deeply is having a shared experience with someone, and then sharing your feelings and opinions. Here’s a bold new idea – read a short play together. You can always get to know someone better, whether it’s your first date or your fifteenth anniversary. The idea is, reading a play puts you in someone else’s shoes to “act” in a way that you normally wouldn’t. And while you briefly walk in this character’s footsteps, reading the lines, so does your partner.  You can be as dramatic as you like, and once you are done, there is an opportunity to expand the experience and share with one another your own views. In just a few minutes you can create a few memories, but these are the stepping stones to a new connection.