A Great Date to Break the Ice, Not the Bank.

Some people think about food, celebrities or their next vacation. I think about fun dating activities for adults.

Here’s a fun date idea that won’t break the bank, but will break the ice! It will get you moving physically and intellectually: It’s dancing and play reading – what a great time!

Try a dance: One style of dancing you may never heard of but is a great date activity, is called contra dancing. It is done all over the United States, it’s really easy to learn (and I know because I’ve been dancing for decades), it’s usually just a few dollars and I highly recommend it. A simple web search will pull up local opportunities in your neck of the woods. Most dances I’ve been to start 30 minutes before the official start time to provide a brief dance lesson. The lesson is usually 20 minutes long and you’re ready to dance for life! During the official dance time, an individual dance is taught and then lasts about 15 minutes. There may not be much talking, but there are lots of smiles. Then you can change partners, and since you can choose who you want as your partner, you can always choose your “date”. Or mix it up with another partner – but you do have to be quick because the next dance starts only a few minutes after the last dance ended. People with two left feet are welcome as well because it’s easy to learn. While there are many activities for adults, at a dance you’ll enjoy the exercise and leave elated!

Read a play: Before or after your dance experience, another fun dating activity is to read a play with your date. I came up with the plays2play.com website as a fun dating activity and it’s great to pair this with dancing or any other fun dating activity. For a few dollars you can acquire 2 short plays and pick one or more to act out. It’s a great adult activity, creates a shared experience, leads to interesting conversation and provides an entertaining time. You can grab a bite to eat, relax in the comfort of your living room or look at the play for a suggested setting. You can pre-print the play (approximately 4 pages long) and read from the same paper or print one for each of you. Or use on your phone or tablet (and you can share electronically with a date.) All the plays are family friendly and wholesome fun. In the end you will know each other better and have had a great time.