Sample Play

Bridesmaid and Groom

by Bonnie Daly

Setting: Wedding rehearsal hall
Note: At the end of the play, see questions and suggestions for added enjoyment.

Lucy: (Looks wildly around the room set for a wedding rehearsal, then at the guy. He
nods. She blurts out her words.) You’ve got to be kidding me! Please tell me I’m not
late? My flight was delayed, then my phone died. I forgot my charger and my watch. I’m
more than a bit jet-lagged, and to make it all complete I totally forgot whether the
rehearsal dinner was at 6 or 8, so I came here straight from the airport! I had the time
written down on my phone, but of course, it died. I guess I mentioned that already, didn’t
I. Allie is going to kill me… (Her voice trailing off in hopeless despair.)

Jared: (Smiling warmly, laughing, amused by her outburst.) Relax. You’re way early, just
like me. It’s all good.

Lucy: (Takes a huge, deep breath, plops her bags down.) You have no idea how glad I am
to hear that! I’m Lucy, by the way.Allie’s bridesmaid. I’ve been away at college and
haven’t seen her in like forever. (She extends her hand.)

Jared: (Shakes her hand.) Well, it’s very nice to meet you, Lucy, I’m…

Lucy: (Smiling, she cuts him off before he can get his name out.) Oh I already know who
you are! Allie sent me your picture.

Jared: (Sounding a bit surprised.) She did?

Lucy: Of course! And I am so glad we’ve finally met!

Jared: Me too! Have a seat. (He gestures to a chair, pulls it out for her. She sits. He pours
her a glass of water from a pitcher, then pours himself one.)

Lucy: (Taking the glass.) Thanks! Cheers. (She clinks glasses with him, then drinks her
water quickly till it’s gone. Jared looks amused.) Ah, much better! (She giggles. He holds
her gaze just a bit too long. A small awkward pause ensues.)

Jared: So, how long have you known Allie?

Lucy: Oh, we go way back. In kindergarten she accidentally got this huge wad of gum
stuck in my hair, so I had to have it cut really short. She felt so bad she had hers cut the
same way. We’ve been friends ever since. (They both laugh.)

Jared: Well, it didn’t have any lasting effects; you’ve got the most beautiful hair I’ve ever
seen. (Lucy is slightly taken aback by his open admiration.)

Lucy: (Straightening a bit.) When did you meet Allie?

Jared: (Looking upward as if trying to recall.) Hmmm…I’m not really sure. Maybe a
month ago? I don’t remember the details…

Lucy: (Another awkward pause. She shoots him a nasty look, then gets up and walks over
to a flower arrangement, pretending to rearrange it.) Wow, that’s weird. Thought you
knew each other way longer than that… and I’d kind of think meeting her is something
you wouldn’t forget?

Jared: (Matter-of-fact like.) Not really. But I doubt I’ll ever forget how I met you.
(Smiles, gets up and walks over to her.)

Lucy: (Continues to fuss with the flowers and tries to change the subject.) Beautiful,
Jared: (Pointedly turns to look straight at her.) Yes, you are.

Lucy: (Very irritated.): I meant the flowers!